Competition starting times & disciplines (all local time)

Friday 30.10.2010

17.00 – 18.00 official training (C)
18.00 Team captains meeting, Imatran Kylpylä, Spa Hotel

Saturday 31.10.2020

10.00 Classic: ladies , ladies 20, ladies 18 all 5km, men, men 20, men 18 all 10km

17.00 – 18.00 official training (V)

18.00 Team captains meeting, Imatran Kylpylä, Spa Hotel

Sunday 1.11.2020

10.00 Free: ladies, ladies 20 km, ladies 18 all 10km, men  men 20, men 18 all 15km 

Competition FIS codex
FIS codex 3166-3169

Competition venue
Ukonniemi Stadion
Ottelukatu 11, 55420 Imatra, Finland

Imatran Urheilijat ry

Contact person
Kari Ahonen
+358 400 716 386


Latest Tuesday 27.10.2020, 15:59 (local time)

Finns: Entries through Kilmo.

Others: Entries through e-mail in FIS-form to kariolavi.ahonen(at)  When entering, one gets an e-mail with the account number and the reference number for paying. The fee must be paid before the competition and one must show a receipt of payment in the race office. The payment is possible also in race office before the competition.

Entry fee
25€ per athlete / day / competition.

The courses

The courses in the competition in 2,5km homologated track are as follows:

2,5km = 1 round

5,0km = 2 x 2,5km:n round

10,0km = 4 x 2,5km:n rounds

15km = 6 x 2,5km:n rounds

The maps of the courses are in the Stadium.

Wax cabins
There are waxcabins to rent. The price is 300€/weekend and 170€/day. Ask for cabins info(at) (+35840 556 1844, +35840 062 2455)


Near the starting area there is space where the warm up dresses can stay. The locker rooms of the Ukonnimei Arena are available during the competition.

Race oraganizer has an agreement about accomodation with Imatran Kylpylä. Please, contact them

Competition Jury
Chief of Competition
Kari Ahonen
+358 400 716386


TD Esa Rajala, +358440596775
TDA Jouni Harju

Race Office
The Race Office will be located at the Ukonniemi stadium

Opening times (local):
Sat 9.11.2019 (8:30 – 14:30)
Sun 10.11. 2019 (8:30 – 14:30)

Bib numbers are available in the morning of the competition.

First Aid

First aid is located in the stadium building near the start. The doctor of the competition is Antti Jarva +358405214715.

Prize giving ceremony for the three best athletes at the stadium right after each competition.

Additional information
Courses will be published on the website or in the stadium.


Organizers personell, athletes and spectators must leave the safe distance between other people (2 meters). If that is not possible one must wear a mask on the face (doesn’t consern competitors during the race). In team captains’ meetings one must use a mask in the face. The race office is outside. There are masks and hand sanitizer available in the competition area.